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3 berth campervan hire France 3 berth campervan hire France



VAN-AWAY presents the vacation home on wheels ! Multicolored striped seats, curtains, storage throughout, the Malaga campervan range offers a layout that is 100% fun. Fully adapted for year- round road trips, the Malaga campervan provides holidaymakers with a fantastic behind-the-wheel living space (ideal for your surf board !)

  • Its clever design allows an easy access in between the passenger seating area and the rear-van living area. The kitchenette can be reached as easily from inside as from outside. The front banquette seats two adults as well as a young child. The Malaga is equipped with auxiliary stationary heating that functions with motor switched off
  • The Malaga campervan is the ideal vehicle for 2 to 3 passengers to take a supremely comfortable road trip any time of the year. A "bona fide" vacation home on wheels that drives like a car (without having to pay a toll charge supplement) and can go wherever you want (thanks to its height being less than 2 meters !)

3 berth campervan rental layout and designNote : based on Renault Trafic 3 or Volkswagen Transporter T6 depending on VAN-AWAY offices


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Additional Info

  • Van model: Volkswagen Transporter T6
  • Seating: 3
  • Berth: 3 : double bed + child cot
  • Size: Width : 1,95m / Length : 4,99m / Height: 1,97m (VW: Width : 1,90m / Length : 5,29m / Height: 1,96m)
  • Engine: 115hp
  • Fuel tank: 70L
  • Fuel consumpt.(manufacturer data): City : ~6.6 l/100km / Non-city : ~ 5,5 l/100km / Complete cycle : ~5.9 l/100km (VW: City : ~9.9 l/100km / Non-city : ~ 6,6 l/100km / Complete cycle : ~7.3 l/100km)
  • CO2: 155 g/km (VW: 192 g/km)
  • Transmission: Manual - 5 gears
  • Security: Front airbags / Side airbags / ABS
  • Road handling: Cruise control / Bluetooth / Backup sensors / Power steering
  • Stationary heating system: Auxiliary stationary heating
  • Air conditioning: Manual



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